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DAY 10: Saturday 28 March††† †††††††† †††††††† PEACE



A bright and breezy morning to you all


A word that we speak and sing about a lot as Christians is ĎPeaceí. It is such an important part of our beliefs and experience as it is promised and comes directly from our Lord. Itís not some hyped-up man-made philosophy of thinking, itís an ultimately overwhelming knowledge of God in and around us. Itís a gift beyond comparison.


Jesus promised Ė Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give you peace as the world gives, so do not let yourselves be troubled and do not be afraid. (John 14:27)


True peace comes through faith, but worry is the product of fear.  A few years back Karen and I were on holiday around Kyle of Lochalsh on the west coast of the Scottish Highlands. One day Karen asked if there was anywhere I wanted to go and we decided to go to Applecross, an isolated village that I remembered reading about when I was a kid. The first tarmac road to the village was only opened in 1975 by Princess Margaret and is built on an ancient sheep droverís track over the mountain. It has the steepest ascent of any road in the UK with unfenced sheer drops. At the beginning of the route, thereís a big road sign saying Ė ĎNo Coaches, Caravans, Trucks, Learner or inexperienced driversí Further up the road another old sign read ĎMaximum 3 sheep abreastí.  I knew Karen was slightly apprehensive, particularly as the sheer drops were on her side and should we meet anything coming down the hill, it could be scary.


But I had faith that our 4x4 vehicle, my driving ability and Godís protection would safely get us to the top, and the views from the summit were spectacular. Fear would have led to worry which would have meant us missing a wonderful experience.


So in these difficult days in which we are living, we have a choice Ė be fearful and spend our time with stress and worry, or live in faith and trust in God which leads to living in peace. Open your Bible and read Matthew 6:25-34.


Hereís a Hymnalong song for today sung by George Beverly Shea -



 ††††† Ciaran has asked prayer for his dad who is finding the isolation regime difficult. Ciaran and his siblings and mum are all concerned and trying to persuade dad this is best for him and everyone.

 ††††† We heard this morning that a couple of our CCCF friends who now live and work in New York have been tested and have the virus so are in isolation. They are doing OK but their 2 young children donít understand whatís going on. Their family and grandparents are all here in UK so they have to rely on their neighbours in NY, but they do have Godís peace.

 ††††† Thinking of family abroad also reminds me that some of you have family in other parts of the world and the concerns that brings in these days. Letís pray for Godís protection for those away in far countries and for peace of heart of all here who are understandably concerned.



Yesterday I was walking along Hollyfield Road taking the dog for her once a day walk (she doesnít understand why she only gets 1 walk a day). A police car quietly glided past and I waved an appreciation to the officers with a thumbs up. Right behind the police car there was a Warburtons delivery truck and immediately behind that another police car!  Wow! I thought Ė whatís the world come to when bread deliveries need a police escort!


Sheila was listening to her radio this morning when the following song came on and she thought others might appreciate Ė Karen is already bopping round the house!  Click the following link


Donít forget the clocks go forward 1 hour tonight Ė not that it will make a lot of difference for most of us!


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Finally, several people have asked about the Hymnalong tracks that I am putting online. These are being added to our site and are for your personal use only. They are not professional recordings but basic audio overlays to our normal Zionworx projected screens enabling you to singlong if youíve forgotten the words. Iím trying to add a couple of new tracks each day and they can all be viewed and selected at


Choose the song you want from the list on the righthand side and click one of the play icons Ė thereís a greyed out square in the middle of the Hymnalong logo (not always easy to spot) or thereís another on the left on the bottom line.



Enjoy today


Wesley & Karen