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DAY 111:† Sunday 12 July








Good morning all Ė today is our 17th Sunday away from the Chapel and 116 days since the first of the daily emails


The title of todayís virtual service is ĎThe Lordís Prayerí the words of which are probably known off-by-heart by all of you.  A few years ago, you may remember the 4 local Falcon Lodge Churches ran a shared Christianity Explored course and I recall some of you were involved with that. All the weekly gatherings were hosted at Falcon Lodge Methodist Church and led by a different church leader each week. The routine was that after watching a short introductory video, we would gather in small groups around tables for further discussion.


In one of these discussion sessions, I recall one lady who had been invited to attend the course by her friend from St Chadís, admitted that although she had learned the Lordís Prayer years before from reciting in school assemblies, she had never previously realised the words were from Jesus and quoted in the Bible. She had presumed the Lordís Prayer was just a part of the liturgy of the Church of England.


There are other everyday phrases in the English language that people do not always recognise come from Scripture.

Here are just a few -

By the skin of my teeth (Job 19:20)

Fight the good fight (1 Timothy 6:12)

Rise and shine (Isaiah 60:1)

The powers that be (Romans 13:1)

Go the extra mile (Matthew 5:41)

Fly in the ointment (Ecclesiastes 10:1)

Give up the ghost (John 19:30)

Suffer fools gladly (2 Corinthians 11:19)

The blind leading the blind (Matthew 15:14)



In todayís virtual service, we listen to a message from Chris Maggs, first recorded in 2016 in which he gives us 5 important statements about our involvement in the Lordís Prayer. The video service runs for 35 minutes and also includes 4 songs >>> 




- Vera continues to strengthen and has been moved back into Sheldon Unit at Good Hope

- Trisha has been discharged from hospital and is back home and expecting her son to fly over from France to visit her next week

- Sheila is still in the QE hospital and receiving more treatment

- Jean Cussons had a visit from her son and daughter in law last week. They were able to meet in the garden at Greville House and Jean was thrilled to be able to see them for the first time in more than 3 months.

- For those of you who knit for missions and charities, a fresh supply of wool has arrived and is now in the missions room at the Chapel. If you need to replenish your wool stocks, contact Karen and we will arrange either to meet you at the Chapel or if you tell her what you need, we can deliver to you.



Enjoy today and we should hopefully in touch again mid-week