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DAY 115:   Sunday 26 July





Good morning everyone and welcome to this our 19th Sunday with another ‘virtual’ service


Even though we haven’t been able to meet in the Chapel for almost 5 months, it still feels strange for us not to be rushing about on a Sunday morning to get to the Chapel in good time to prepare everything for the service before you all arrive. Understandably, we are often asked if we have any idea of when the Chapel might reopen for services and other activities and whilst we can’t give a definite date at this moment, hopefully the situation for future re-opening  will become clearer in the not too distant future. We are very conscious of the risks that could be posed by opening too soon, especially to those of our congregation who are more vulnerable.




The building work which started last Monday is proceeding well (see photos above) and the new accessible toilet and enlarged doorways will make life so much easier for all of us who use the back rooms of the building and especially for those with mobility issues. Yesterday morning, Karen had a lovely doorstep chat with Pauline Stonehouse who has not been able to come to anything at the Chapel since her major surgery. Karen explained to Pauline about the accessibility improvements currently underway and unofficially suggested Pauline, from her wheelchair, might be invited to perform an official opening of the new disabled toilet facility – perhaps something like the cutting of a ceremonial toilet roll?


Today’s virtual service features a recent video talk based on Acts chapter 2 by Dr Kenny Dubnick, recorded just a few weeks ago at his home church, the Oikos Church in Erdington. The service also includes a poem specially written for these days of lockdown isolation by Emily Feltham who is a member of the Saltmine Christian Theatre group. Together with 3 songs, the whole video service lasts 52 minutes >>>




· No recent updates but we believe Sheila, Vera and Tricia are all reportedly doing well.

· The latest edition (Aug – Oct) of Word for Today daily inspirational thoughts has arrived and over the next few days we will deliver a copy to each of you who requested last time in April. If anyone else would like a free copy, just let us know and we’ll get one delivered through your letterbox.

· Dorothy Green had a visit from Peter & Maureen on her birthday and reported she hadn’t seen Peter looking so well in a long time following his recent surgery to remove the kidney stone.

· Birthdays in August:-

1 Aug – Phil Palmer

12 Aug - Bev Dunn

26 Aug – Emma Bailey

28 Aug – Oliver Groves




A little girl finally got to attend a wedding for the first time. While in the church, the girl asked her mother: “Why is the bride dressed in white?”

The mother replied to the girl: “because white is the colour of purity and happiness and it’s the happiest day of her life today.”

After a little bit, the girl looks up at her mother and says: “But, then why is the groom wearing black?”


During a Sunday school lesson, a young boy learned about how God created human beings. The child became especially focused when the teacher explained how Eve was created from Adam’s ribs.

A few days later, the boy’s mother saw him lying down on the floor so she asked him what was wrong. He replied: “Mom, I have pains in my side—I think I’m getting a wife.”


Q.   Which country's capital has the fastest-growing population?

A.   Ireland - every day it's Dublin.



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