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DAY 119:   Sunday 9 August





Good morning all – trust you’ve been managing to keep cool…


The expression ‘give me strength’ is one we use in many circumstances but probably most often as an expression of annoyance or frustration. We’re trying to complete a task and the last part just will not work out. Or we’re busy preparing a meal or repainting the kitchen and the phone keeps interrupting.


We’re in a hurry to get to an appointment on time and the driver in front is driving at 20mph. Then the frustration of calling a customer services helpline and left on hold for ages. I’ve experienced calling the broadband provider because our internet isn’t working and getting a recorded message suggesting you can find answers and solutions to many issues by consulting the online Q&A section – great if only I could get on the internet!


A few days ago we watched TV news about the crowds of tourists in Cornwall, crammed together in the narrow streets of St Ives but hardly any of them wearing a face mask and the locals complaining they’re afraid to go into town.


Young couples planning their wedding for months; they set the date, book the venue and prepare the guest list, and then Covid restrictions were imposed. Only weeks to go and they still don’t know if the day can proceed or how many guests can attend.


There are times when we might desire or need real strength to deal with what lies ahead of us. Maybe it’s an interview, an exam, or aa medical procedure. In our daily Christian experience, we need strength for the day and strength for the task we have been called to. God promises that by the Holy Spirit, we will have just what we need for that moment.


In the Old Testament, when Ezra the priest read aloud the words of Moses’ law, the people wept as they realised how they had strayed from God’s law. But Nehemiah spoke to the people not to dwell in mourning their past failures, but to enjoy what they did have and to share with others less fortunate and to remember that joy can be a strength.


Nehemiah 8:10 - “Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”


Today’s video service features David Brown who is a Counties evangelist working in the western edge of the West Midlands around Hagley, Stourbridge and Dudley. He visited our Chapel on a few occasions in the past and today we listen to him speaking from Ezekiel chapter 1 under the title of ‘Give me strength.’ 

The whole service lasts 38 minutes >>>




· Karen is hoping to sell all her stock of facemasks at Buzzards Valley today (10:00-2:00pm) and profits will be donated to MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship)

· The building works at the Chapel are completed and now we’ll be deep cleaning and repainting the adjacent areas that look rather shabby next to the handsome new doors. Hopefully that work can be undertaken over the next couple of weeks.

· Angela Smith is having an MRI scan on her liver today

· Rose had another fall and is back in Good Hope but a body scan did not reveal any serious injury

· Vera phoned again a few days ago and says she’s doing well and sitting out in the garden wearing her ‘ladies on a beach’ facemask when the sun’s not too hot




More on Wednesday

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