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DAY 129:  Sunday 13 September



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Good morning everyone on this the 26th consecutive Sunday (that’s exactly half a year) since we last met inside the Chapel for a Sunday service. All being well some of us will be able to return 2 weeks today, subject of course to the constantly changing restrictions and regulations. If you would like to join us on Sunday 27th, don’t forget you must book in advance with Karen as the number allowed to attend will be limited. Also remember that you can’t attend if you or any member of your family bubble are displaying signs of cold, flu, sore throat or cough. You will also need to wear a mask/face covering and use the provided sanitiser stations. We’ll let you have more details of the service next week and it will be good to be able to meet together again, albeit in unusual circumstances.


Today’s theme is ‘God will provide’ and the message in is by John Abbott, originally preached in early 2019. Last week’s talk by Ciaran took us through the stories of Adam & Eve and then to Noah and the great flood. 400 years after the flood, Abraham was born in Ur and was a 10th generation descendant of Shem, one of Noah’s sons saved in the Ark. The story of Abraham is one of God instructing and directing and each time as Abraham obeyed, God faithfully provided.


Under the current renewed restrictions it is too easy to become downhearted, depressed and possibly doubting how we are going to manage through the next weeks. Perhaps we see it as another setback to the plans we were making, but do not forget that in all those difficult situations, God is with us and God will provide – even when the situation may seem impossible!


The name Jehovah Jireh means God the Provider and is a reminder of God’s faithfulness at all times to his people, including us as part of Christ’s church. Just under 50 years ago a new song was written entitled ‘Jehovah Jireh’ and our virtual service video today begins and ends with that song. The whole service lasts 38 minutes >>>




A couple of days ago we received a phone call from Nye Hillman who is in Good Hope recovering from a serious fall down the stairs at home 4 week’s ago. We learned about this from Neil, Beatie & Nye’s son who called us with the news but in order to protect his mum from an inevitable barrage of phone calls, asked that we didn’t share the news for the time being. Although Nye’s injuries were very serious and initially it was unclear if Nye would recover, he has regained mental capacity and is now trying to rebuild his physical strength.


Nye wanted to pass on to you all how much he has been thinking of the Chapel and all the wonderful people he is missing so much. He also desperately wants to be able to go home to be with Beatie again, but he has now contracted a urinary infection so cannot go anywhere until that is sorted.

In accordance with the family’s request, please continue to respect that Beatie still needs her space but we can all pray for her and of course for Nye’s full recovery.



More on Wednesday

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