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DAY 13: Tuesday 31 March                      SILENCE    


Good morning to everyone


The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent. (Exodus 14:14)


Ciaran gets the prize for being the first to spot the error in yesterday’s email title – it read ‘Day 21’ – Hope where of course it was only Day 12 in our daily emails. Perhaps I was subconsciously thinking it felt like day 21 of our self-isolation?


Have you ever pondered what it would be like to live like a hermit or a monk in some isolated monastery and especially those that practice a vow of silence? I’m often accused of living in my own world or on another planet mentally, and please spare a thought for my darling wife Karen who has lovingly put up with this strange behaviour for the past 13 years. But then when Karen talks with other ladies in the Chapel and elsewhere, it seems this is not so unusual for wives married to men of a certain age – allegedly it’s a ‘man thing’!


“Silence is golden” so says an ancient proverb so when we are particularly close to someone, words are often unnecessary. But then by comparison, noise interferes with normal communication. You’re in a crowded room or the house is full of boisterous children and you exclaim “I can’t hear myself think!” But just think about that expression – do we normally hear ourselves thinking? I guess the answer is no, but we do often appreciate some quiet when we need to get something important done such as writing an important letter or working on detailed spreadsheets of figures or putting together the daily email to the members of the Chapel during the Covid-19 lockdown!!


In May of this year, we should be celebrating the 75th Anniversary of VE Day – a time when the nation celebrated when ‘the guns of war fell silent’. I hope the nation will be celebrating later this year VC Day, ‘Victory over Coronavirus’ – certainly when we all manage to get together back at the Chapel for whatever groups we are part of, there’s going to be some celebration!


In this frantic, hectic and rushing world, we miss so much because of the constant background noise of life – radio, TV, mobile phone, shopping centres, sports arenas, pop concerts etc. But how much we are now appreciating the quieter skies and roads – we currently have an unprecedented opportunity to experience the joy of silence even though we can’t venture out to picturesque remote places. There’s a refreshing sense of peace that has unexpectedly become available through Covid-19 and I know many of you are appreciating it.  In such times, we can hear what God is saying to us.


I’ve imagined Jesus and his disciples walking through the fields on their way to the next village. I don’t think it was always an orderly procession, after all some of these disciples were working class fisherman, today we would probably call them ‘lads’ or ‘blokes’. I can imagine Peter shouting to the others ‘I’ll race you to that gate over there’ and some of them set off chasing him across the field. Then Peter attempts to vault over the gate and falls flat on his face in a pile of sheep poo. Everyone, including Jesus, roars with laughter and the volume of conversation and banter goes up 3 notches. It’s therefore not surprising that the Gospels tell us that Jesus regularly took himself away from these close friends (who he had chosen and invited to follow him) and find a remote or quiet place.


Three of the Gospels record the story of when Jesus and the disciples were crossing Lake Galilee by boat and a sudden unexpected storm blew up. The boat was crewed by hardened experienced fishermen, so if they were terrified, it must have been bad. Jesus was exhausted and asleep but the disciples woke him screaming ‘don’t you care we’re all going to drown?’ I just love Jesus’ response – ‘Peace; be still’.  I like to think this response was in 2 parts – first and most importantly he deals with the panic and fear in his beloved friends just as a parent would do anything to calm panic in their child. Dealing with his friends’ fear came first. Then Jesus turned to deal with the much easier task (for the creator) of calming the storm with the command ‘Be still!’

Perhaps today we should enjoy some quiet and silence to hear God speaking his peace into our lives.


Be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10)


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· Chris and Katie finally arrived home from New Zealand safely yesterday, exhausted but thankful to be back

· Please continue to remember Natalie, Anne, Ellen and all the NHS doctors and nurses who continue to care for the increasing numbers of patients in our hospitals

· Please also continue to keep in contact with the self-isolated members and friends of the Chapel, especially those living alone

· I know many of you value the monthly Chapel Notices to remind you of upcoming birthdays, so here’s April’s list

1 Apr

Jessica Green

3 Apr

Vivien Kiely

8 Apr

Brenda Wood

9 Apr

Beatie Hillman

20 Apr

Rose Bamber

23 Apr

Shirley Madge

25 Apr

David Hanks

29 Apr

Margaret Griffin



During these unusual days where live concerts cannot happen, many musicians are looking for fresh ways to entertain and performing parodies of well-known songs with amusing coronavirus lyrics seems to be all over YouTube.  Try this one >> 


·       A pastor known for his lengthy sermons noticed a man get up and leave the church during the middle of            his message. The man returned just before the conclusion of the service. Afterwards the pastor asked the            man where he had gone. I went to get a haircut, was the reply. But, said the pastor, why didn't you do that            before the service? 

           Because, the gentleman replied, I didn't need one then.



Trust you will enjoy a good, quiet and peaceful day


Wesley & Karen