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DAY 135:  Sunday 4 October





Good afternoon everyone


We had another good service this morning in the Chapel with almost 30% more seats occupied than last week. Ciaran was speaking on what will be his last Sunday with us a Falcon Lodge before he moves to Yorkshire during this coming week to take up a new job and continue his preparations to hopefully ultimately move to Ireland.


Ciaran spoke about the imminent return of Christ and related that to the ‘signs’ all around us in this world. I uploaded the service recording just before lunch but when I returned after lunch, I noticed that a few of you had already ‘discovered’ the recording even before I sent out the link, so well done to you, you were obviously eager to catch up with the service!  As you will hear in the recording, we did make special mention of all those unable to join us today stressing how much we are together in the Spirit even though we can’t all meet physically at the moment.

The link to the audio recording is >>>




No further update as yet on Nye but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything

Vera is out and about again, driving herself to Sainsburys last week to get some shopping. She wasn’t at the service this morning but no doubt we will catch up with her in the future

Pat Feeney now, at long last, has a date for her knee surgery later this month so she will be self-isolating in the meantime


Nothing more to report at this stage except that Karen suffered several wasp stings in the Chapel this morning – very painful!

After being alerted a few days ago by Mel and Tom, the pest control guy (Ted’s son Nathan) was already booked to come tomorrow morning to deal with what we believe is a wasps nest in the loft so everything should be sorted before you come next week.



We’ll be in touch on Wednesday as usual

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