Falcon Lodge Chapel

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DAY 137:  Sunday 11 October





Good afternoon everyone


If there’s one thing that people are needing in these troubled times it is confidence. Reports of an epidemic of mental illness across the population is fuelled by individual lack of confidence across all ages and generations. We are told we can only feel confident if our appearance conforms to modern expectations or we have hundreds of Facebook friends or plenty of money in the bank or have achieved success in education or career.


But the Bible teaches that all of these things will fail us – only Christ can give us the confidence that will never fail, fade or disappear.


In this morning’s service at the Chapel we encountered several technical problems including the sound recording failing after just few minutes so my brief comments were (thankfully) cut short but all the pre-recorded songs and videos are here including the main message from the Discipleship Explored series looking at Paul’s letter to the Philippians. >>>


All being well we’ll be back with further thoughts on Wednesday, but in the meantime, enjoy today’s service




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