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Chapter 139 [day 214]:  Sunday 18 October






Good afternoon everyone


Firstly you may have noticed I’ve changed the style of message heading as it occurred to me that since the frequency of emails changed from daily to twice weekly back in July, the message subject heading should show both the chapter number and the number of days since the first email. Hope it doesn’t confuse you.


Today’s theme asks the question ‘what are you living for?’ We each should have purpose in our lives but where is that focussed? Some people’s lives are totally focussed on work, or sport, or watching TV. Maybe you live for your family, your grandchildren or getting involved with charity work. But the Apostle Paul whilst locked away in a jail in Rome and awaiting possible execution so how was he able to write to the Philippian believers ‘For me to live is Christ and to die is gain’.


Our service this morning considered this theme and you can join with us in the video recording >>>


Don’t forget that next Saturday we put our clocks back 1 hour so we can all have a lie in before next Sunday’s service. Also don’t forget if you would like to join us live at the Chapel next week, you should reserve your place with Karen by Friday latest.


Enjoy this week, continue to stay safe and remember always to be living our lives in Christ

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