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Chapter 141 [day 221]:  Sunday 25 October




Good afternoon everyone


Unity is something that is often in short supply, and especially in today’s politics. There seems to be a marked lack of unity in so many organisations with individuals fighting over their interpretation of ever-changing situations. We have devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland making their decisions about dealing with Covid. County and city leaders are disagreeing over strategy, and senior government officials are falling out with each other.


Of course our problems pale into comparative insignificance when look across to USA where there seems to be precious little unity and agreement on almost anything! November 3rd may make the picture clearer, or maybe not?


What we learned this morning is that unity, or being one with each other and with Christ is the most effective way that other people are attracted to Christ. As was said of the early church in Acts, people would comment about these  Christians saying ‘see how they love one another’. It wasn’t necessarily the preaching and evangelising that brought people to listen to the Gospel, it was the unity of the believers visible to the world around.


This morning’s service at the Chapel focussed again on the letter written by the Apostle Paul to the believers in Philippi. The theme of today’s passage was that we should be one with each other but that can only come through being one with Christ.

Here’s the recorded video for you to share the service >>>




· Mike Smith has been diagnosed with cataracts and will need an operation around next May although he is still OK to drive in the meantime

· John Abbott has been checked by a consultant and faces injections and procedures to try to ease the pain in his hips and shoulders

· John’s grandson, Ben, who is at Lincoln university has tested positive for Covid and will need to isolate along with his housemates

· We reported last week that Pat Feeney’s knee operation had been cancelled but following a phone call with the consultant, it seems it isn’t cancelled but rather it’s postponed until they can sort out her heart medications to enable the surgery to be safely performed

· Karen has sold all the designer poppy facemasks but does have some alternative poppy design fabric available if anyone wants to order. She does have a few of the men’s airplane masks still available. Call Karen if you are interested in either.

· It is our intention that our service for Sunday 8 November will be a Remembrance Sunday service with the usual hymns and act of remembrance.



  4   Mel Reading

10   Sue Kemble

29   Sue Mason

30   Jean Slater



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