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Chapter 145 [day 235]:  Sunday 8 November





Good morning to you all



You will not need reminding that today is Remembrance Sunday and despite not being able to meet in person at the Chapel, we can still share in the Act of Remembrance at 11am as part of today’s virtual Sunday service.


The video service is adapted from the recording of our Remembrance service in 2019 but several of our regular Sunday morning congregation would have missed because of being away together for the weekend in Eastbourne. One of the amazing things about that service was that Hazel had created a beautiful poppy flower arrangement which stood on the corner of the platform, and as the time approached 11am, the bright sunlight was shining through the Chapel windows and fell directly onto this display creating a brilliant and memorable sight, perfectly synchronised for the 2 minute silence!


Remembrance is defined as ‘an act of remembering, respecting and honouring or memorial’. The important part of the definition is that remembrance is something that is deliberately done – it’s an act, not just a memory. Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day on Wednesday involve deliberately doing something to show our respect, which admittedly is more difficult in the present lockdown situation, but we can still simply stand and be silent for 2 minutes.


Remembrance has been at the heart of Jewish religion for thousands of years where God instructed his people in acts of remembrance such as Passover.

Remembrance has also been at the centre of Christian worship over the past two millennia following the instruction of Christ to his disciples during the Last Supper Do this in remembrance of me’ – Luke 22:19.


And Christians across the world have regularly observed this remembrance with bread and wine in recognition that our Saviour gave himself for us, and Communion has always an integral part of our weekly Sunday services (until the Chapel was forced to suspend meetings 34 weeks ago).



We are aware that some of you may wish to watch the BBC1 live broadcast from the Cenotaph this morning, but whatever time you choose to watch today’s Chapel video service, we trust you will be encouraged.


As previously explained, our service has been adapted from the November 2019 recording. If you are able to start playback as close to 10:30am as possible, then the 2 minute silence should come close to 11am.


We are aware of the suggestion from the Royal British Legion to observe the 11am silence from your doorstep which of course you can still do by simply pausing the video for 2 minutes.





· Many thanks to each of you who purchased one or more of Karen’s special Remembrance facemasks. A few days ago, she was able to donate £170 (plus £42 Gift Aid) to the Royal British Legion on your behalf – thank you all!

· Chris Brookes had her cataract procedure on Wednesday and everything went well. Chris thanks you all for your care and prayer.

· Each November we normally hold a ‘Toylink Service’ at which we donate NEW toys to Birmingham City Mission to be presented to needy children for Christmas. Here’s more information about BCM’s Toylink project including what toys are suitable >>>   There are also alternative options of either ordering a toy online and have it delivered direct to BCM, or you could make a cash donation to the Toylink project via  We will provisionally designate Sunday 6 December as our Toy Service Day for you to bring your gifts - subject of course to us being able to resume services by that day. If you are unable to attend on that day for any reason, let us know and we will organise to collect the toy from you.

· We are planning to collect and distribute your Chapel Christmas cards as normal. If we are able to resume Chapel services by Sunday 6 December, the usual Christmas postbox will be available for you to deposit your cards. We will then organise to safely and hygienically sort the cards for distribution the following Sunday. This will be repeated the following Sunday, and for those Chapel members who are still shielding and unable to come to the Chapel, we will deliver cards to you as well as collect any cards you wish to send.



Enjoy your day and we’ll be in touch again on Wednesday

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