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Chapter 149 [day 249]:  Sunday 22 November





Good morning all


From our theme last Wednesday of ‘Restored’ and how objects and people can be restored, we move on today to ‘Changed & Transformed’ as the title of our virtual service for today.


We’re changing every day; as we get older and our bodies change, creaking joints, muffled hearing or blurring eyesight. But the process of change can also take things forward – we can change the look of our home with a coat of paint but if we involve a professional builder/designer, we could transform the whole house. Our world is in constant change – day changes to night and then back to day: Spring sees new growth and leaves on the trees, and now in the Autumn the green leaves have changed colour and fallen from the trees. Just last month we changed the clocks back and come next March we’ll be changing them again. It was 2 centuries ago that Henry Francis Lyte penned the hymn ‘Abide with me’ which contains the lines -

Earth's joys grow dim, its glories pass away.

Change and decay in all around I see.

O thou who changest not, abide with me.


This year, our world has changed beyond anything we could have imagined only 12 months ago. Christmas this year will be unlike any Christmas any of us have known and now in this second period of lockdown, messages from government seem to change daily and certain parts of the population are asking for urgent changes. Some want restoration – that is to get back to normal. Or should this be an opportunity to encourage positive change and transformation in this nation? In many nations across the world, tens of thousands of protestors march and demonstrate against their leaders and demanding change.


What sort of person do you really want to be? Kind, generous, honest, forgiving, thoughtful, wise, faithful? The Bible reminds me that I am being changed in Christ by Christ, being transformed to become more like Christ, but is that what I really want – transformed? Sadly too often I seem content with minor changes, smartening up, restoring some of the better features of the past rather than really desiring to be truly ‘transformed’.


With some relevant songs and video clips, today’s virtual service lasts 45 minutes >>>




· Don’t forget the BCM Toylink appeal which was highlighted in our previous email. Each November we normally hold a ‘Toylink Service’ at which we donate NEW toys to Birmingham City Mission to be presented to needy children for Christmas. Here’s more information about BCM’s Toylink project including what toys are suitable >>>   There are also alternative options of either ordering a toy online and have it delivered direct to BCM, or you could make a cash donation to the Toylink project via  We will provisionally designate Sunday 6 December as our Toy Service Day for you to bring your gifts - subject of course to us being able to resume services by that day. If you are unable to attend on that day for any reason, let us know and we will organise to collect the toy from you.

· We are planning to collect and distribute your Chapel Christmas cards as normal. If we are able to resume Chapel services by Sunday 6 December, the usual Christmas post box will be available for you to deposit your cards. We will then organise to safely and hygienically sort the cards for distribution the following Sunday. This will be repeated the following Sunday, and for those Chapel members who are still shielding and unable to come to the Chapel, we will deliver cards to you as well as collecting any cards you wish to send.



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