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Chapter 153 [day 263]:  Sunday 6 December





Good afternoon all


What would it take to satisfy you completely or what or who if unexpectedly taken from you would destroy you? Maybe it’s your children, grandchildren or other family members, or your home or bank account, or your prize possessions or cherished memories. For many people in these days of Covid, it seems what they value most is their personal freedom to do or go to what they want, or to see a return to life as it was.


You go out for a restaurant meal and your expectations are high – you expect excellent food served attractively with good table service, helpful staff and pleasant ambience. Or you order something online and when it arrives you examine to see that it is the correct item, it’s in perfect condition, and it meets or exceeds your expectations. In our consumer society, everyone expects the very best every time,


Today’s service theme is entitled ‘Content in Christ’ implying we are totally satisfied in Christ and know He will NEVER, NEVER ever let us down or fall short. We can confidently place all our trust and faith in Christ knowing He will never disappoint or fail.

The service video lasts 48 minutes >>>



· Jack Jennings has been admitted to Heartlands Hospital and is expecting emergency surgery today

· Paul & Anne Roberts’ daughter Natalie, who is a paramedic in Swansea, has tested positive for Covid and is having to self-isolate with her husband.

· Jane Groves’ stepdad Lew died at his home in Tamworth yesterday morning after a long illness. Jane’s mum stayed with Jane and Andrew overnight but then this morning she suffered what was thought be a minor stroke and was rushed to Derby hospital. Please pray for Jane and her mum, Linda at this time especially as both of Jane’s brothers live on opposite sides of Australia.

· We have heard that Mark Palmer is struggling so please remember Mark, Phil and Irene

· Christine Brookes is still undergoing her chemotherapy treatment

· Remember our nurses and health-workers working frontline in these days especially Anne Roberts, Lillian Swinnerton, Chris Jones and Ellen (Sally’s daughter)

· Also remember all Chapel members who still need to isolate including Maureen & Alan, Beatie & Nye, Vera, John Harrison, John Abbott, Joy Phillips, Karen, Tricia




Don’t forget if you need your Chapel Christmas cards collected, just let us know.



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