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Chapter 160 [Day 308]: Wednesday 20 January







Good morning all – today is Wednesday 20 January 2021 and it’s a brand-new day! No-one has ever lived this exact day before nor will be able to live it again. Of course, our memories can recall what happens on this day, whether it be memorable or utterly forgettable, but whilst we’re in it, let’s be determined to make the most of it and enjoy whatever we can – despite lockdown and the weather!


Later today, around 5pm UK time, the world will be watching what happens in Washington DC as the 46th president of the United States is to be inaugurated. Have the fears of violence at the Capitol or in other states been exaggerated or will the world witness more scenes of threat or violence? We sincerely trust not and sadly this day will probably go down in the history books by what does or doesn’t happen in the USA.


° This day in 1265 saw the very first English parliament meeting to include not only Lords but also representatives of the major towns held its first meeting in the Palace of Westminster, now known as the "Houses of Parliament".

° This day in 1961 - John F. Kennedy was inaugurated the 35th President of the United States, becoming the second youngest man to take the office and the first Catholic president.

° This day in 2009 – Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States, becoming the first African-American President of the United States.


We regularly remember special days – birthdays, anniversaries, memorable events and celebrations of all sorts and we show gratitude for gifts and greetings that we receive. Karen and Tricia Howard both send their thanks and appreciation for all the cards and good wishes they each received on their recent birthdays.


Whilst we acknowledge the virgin birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, nobody can precisely track the exact date or day of the week or month when the Son of God was born as a human baby.


When it comes to his crucifixion 33 years later, there is more confidence in calculating the date to early April so our traditional remembrance at Eastertime may not be too far from the probable date. The most accepted estimate by historians would be Friday 3rd April AD30 whilst the view of other scholars would set the date as Friday 7th April AD33. But the real importance is not so much in knowing the exact date, but in knowing and accepting the truth of what was achieved at the cross of Calvary.


For us today, regardless of the date or what may or may not occur on the other side of the Atlantic, let us acknowledge that this is the day that the Lord has made and be determined to rejoice in it whatever happens.  Hymnalong >>> THIS IS THE DAY




· Barbara Tough was transferred to QE Hospital late Monday evening and is awaiting surgery on her arm. Sometimes she is becoming agitated and distressed which is giving Karen considerable concern and getting stressed out herself as she tries to reassure her mum from a distance as she cannot visit and can only speak to her by phone. However, so far this morning she sounded much calmer and said she had the best night’s sleep!

· Some members of Linda Lord’s family have contracted the virus including daughter Katie which means that Linda and Christopher, who have both tested negative, are nonetheless having to isolate at home for this week. However, Linda continues to send through stories and poems, and we share one she sent yesterday -


I asked the Lord today, “Why did you choose me?

You’ve seen my best, you’ve seen my worst,

You’ve seen my good, you’ve seen my bad

Why do I deserve your love?”                                       ,


The Lord replied to me,

“Even before the world was made, I chose you to be spotless in my sight.

Yes, I’ve seen the best, forgot the worst.

I’ve watched the good, forgave the bad.

You only see what you are and what you’ve done.

I see what you can do and what you’ll become.”



Enjoy this day and the rest of this week and remember to stay at home, stay safe, and rejoice that the Lord has given you this brand-new, unused new day to enjoy.


We’ll be in touch again Sunday with another video service and part 2 in our ‘Overcomer’ series.

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