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Chapter 166 [Day 329]: Wednesday 10 February





Good morning everyone


‘Ooops!’ is an expression we often use when something has gone wrong. We’re carrying a mug of tea from the kitchen to the lounge and bump into the doorframe resulting in a minor spillage.  Or we’re painting a doorframe and the brush slips leaving a paint stain which we hurriedly clean off. I’m washing the car and step back accidentally kicking the bucket over – that sort of ‘kicking the bucket’ is a minor issue but the other use of the phrase has far more serious implications.


So ‘Ooops’ is a fairly innocuous expression of frustration when something hasn’t quite gone to plan. But there are situations in life when we would not wish to hear ‘Ooops!’

When the hairdresser suddenly puts down the scissors accompanied by ‘Ooops!’

Lying in the dentist’s chair and the drilling stops as the dentist utters ‘Ooops!’.

Flying at 30,000 feet when the pilot is overheard on the intercom - ‘Ooops!’.



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On the front wall of our Chapel since it was built 60 years ago has been the text ‘Our God is Able’ taken from Ephesians 3:20.

Everything that God does is perfect from right from before the creation of the world. We read in Genesis 1 that after each stage of the creation, ‘God saw that it was good’. In our kitchen we have a selection of mugs – one says ‘The greatest Grandad’, another ‘If I can’t take my knitting I’m not coming’ and one that simply says ‘First God created Man, then He has a better idea’. The truth is that at no stage of creation or since has God ever needed to utter ‘Ooops!’ because He has made a mistake.


So if our God is perfect, wouldn’t it be a good idea for us to follow and be guided by Him day by day?


Romans 8:28 - And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.


As we have been learning over recent Sundays, we can be overcomers by faith in God and avoid the fiery darts of the enemy that seek to destroy us. Then the ‘Ooops’ failures can instead become ‘Yeah!’ victories.


Here’s a Hymnalong for today - JEHOVAH JIREH




· Last evening 28 people from all the local churches logged into the ‘Prayer for the Lodge’ Zoom event which was encouraging as we prayed that God will be doing a ‘new thing’ in our community when we are able to meet once again

· We’ve now found out the World Day of Prayer event on 5 March is actually a live meeting which this year will be at Holy Trinity Catholic Church on Lichfield Road (opposite Bishop Vesey school). Attendance will be limited and subject to Covid rules but it will also be available to watch online. More details to follow



MAKE YOU SMILE: (from Linda Lord - we have used this poem previously, but it does fit with today’s theme ‘Ooops!’..)


Four people were on board the plane as high in clouds it flew

A pilot, boy scout, Bishop and the ‘Brain of Britain’ too.

When suddenly the pilot said “the engines have caught fire

I’ve done my best, to no avail, our situations dire”.

“I have some good news and some bad, so far as I can see

We have four people on the plane and parachutes – but three”.


“I must have one for duty’s sake, I’d like to be a sport

But I’ve an obligation, this disaster to report”.

And right away he donned a chute and leaped out of the plane.

The ‘Brain of Britain’ grabbed a chute and said “with my great brain

I have a duty to mankind, my work I must fulfil -

And making both his straps secure, he jumped out with a will.


The Bishop to the boy scout said “throughout my life my boy,

The Lord has made provision and He’s filled my life with joy –

You take the one remaining chute, I’ve God in earth and sky,

I trust Him still, through good or ill, I’ll trust Him though I die”.


You’re right to trust him Bishop, He’s not left you destitute”

Said the boy scout, full of wonder, look you’ve got a parachute

The ‘Brain of Britain’ was so keen to leave us in the lurch,

He jumped out with my rucksack! “see you Sunday at the Church”.



More on Sunday when our theme will be entitled - Overcoming Confusion with Wisdom


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