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Chapter 167 [Day 333]: Sunday 14 February






Good morning everyone


A word that seems to be used so often in these days is ‘confusion’. There seems to be confusion in so many areas of life; in the way the authorities respond to the Covid crisis; statements from government officials that sometimes seem to be in contradiction; uncertainty about what we are permitted and not permitted to do and rumours and counter-rumours circulating on social media about conspiracy theories.


It’s no wonder there are record numbers of people displaying mental and emotional breakdown when there is so much confusion around. People just want to know truth and certainty.


Today’s service deals with our state of mind – the things we focus on in our thinking and what, if anything, we believe to be true and able to give us the certainty and assurance we long for in our lives. Where do we place our hopes and dreams and what do we believe and depend on to bring us joy and satisfaction?


What we need is not more possessions, new experiences, education, mindfulness or meditation therapy, and in the most extreme cases, medication. What we need is for our minds to be renewed and transformed to operate as the Creator always intended. That renewing does not just fill a void in our lives, it brings us new life in Christ.


Romans 12:2 - Do not conform to the ideas, traditions and cultural habits of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and understand what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will.


The video service lasts 42 minutes >>>




· Your will recall Wednesday’s email was headed ‘Ooops!’ and some of you empathised with the theme title. However, less than 3 hours after we had sent out the email on Wednesday morning, Karen was sitting in the A&E department at Good Hope. She had been working on her quilting project and whilst cutting fabric, her hand slipped and the rotary cutter removed a chunk of her index finger. Fortunately, no blood spilt on the precious fabric so she held her hand under cold water and then applying pressure whilst raising her hand in the air to try to slow the bleeding. After 20-30 minutes of trying to stem the blood flow, she realised she needed to go to A&E. Fortunately she was seen immediately and was back home sporting a ‘huge’ finger dressing within an hour. It was certainly more than an ‘Ooops’ moment, rather more ‘Ouch! Aaaargh!’ The wound is healing thanks to the expert attention of the A&E nurse who used a seaweed dressing (no.… we hadn’t heard of that one either, but it appears to have worked very well)

· Chris Brookes wants to remind you of the World Day of Prayer on Friday 5 March and the local service for Sutton Coldfield will take place at Holy Trinity Catholic Church on Lichfield Road. Chris expects to have copies of the Order of Service soon and will be able to get one to you if you are intending to watch or listen to the service online. If you are planning to attend in person, Orders of Service will be available at the church on the day.



More on Wednesday which will be the first day of Lent 2021 so don’t forget the pancakes on Shrove Tuesday


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