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Chapter 168 [Day 336]: Wednesday 17 February






Good morning all Ė sorry the email is late but I had forgotten what day it is until Karen just asked why I hadnít sent out the Wednesday email! For some strange reason I was thinking today was Tuesday??


John Abbott has asked if for todayís email we would forward the following appeal from Chloe, Johnís grand-daughter who many of you will know. This appeal is something created by Chloe and is not part of Falcon Lodge Chapel missions support, but if you would like to support, there is the link to GoFundMe website is shown at the end of the message. Alternatively, if youíre not comfortable with donating electronically by GoFundMe, you could give your donation to John Abbott to be passed on to Chloe



Hi there, my name is Chloe,


I'm 22 and I have a friend in Pakistan who is determined to bring education, power and faith to the women and the small children of her town. The English translation of her name is Nancy, and in her native language it is Nisha. She is only 18 but has the passion and spirit of a whole army.

We are both Christians and we first became friends when we were both added to a Christian WhatsApp group where Nancy confessed that she and her family were struggling financially, so I offered to send some money to her through Western Union, an awesome service btw.


After this we regularly started messaging and video calling each other and have become very good friends. At Christmas my family and I send 2 large boxes full of thermals, pens, paper, colouring books, chocolate biscuits and some other treats to her and her family and it was so so lovely to see the little ones enjoying their presents. 

Being the only one in her family fortunate enough to go to university, Nancy has bought the language skills she has learnt back to her community and wants to share it with everyone. Pakistan and the surrounding areas have many different languages, however English is one that is recognized throughout the land and, of course, internationally. It is mine and Nancy's firm belief that with properly developed language skills, the woman and children will be able to grow both in their faith and in their education.

But in order for this to happen we need materials such as pens, paper, rugs (so the children are not sitting in the dirt), a blackboard and chalk, exercise books, and meals for the children from poorer homes. 

Being a Christian in Pakistan can present problems and dangers that other Christians around the world might not necessarily experience, especially if you are a Christian woman. Nancy has told me many stories of Christian girls who have been kidnapped and forced to convert to different religions. This leads to a great deal of fear and oppression amongst Christian woman, a lot of them cannot work and some of them do not even leave the house for fear of being assaulted or kidnapped, especially in the rural areas.


This is what Nancy and I are fighting against. For woman, a better education means a better chance at a good, safe future, and for men, a better education means they can learn to treat all the women in their community with respect and learn to keep them safe. 

A better education also means that they can spread the word of the gospel and rejoice with their brothers and sisters in the presence of the Holy Spirit. 

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During these unprecedented times I understand that many people are struggling, be it financially, mentally, spiritually or something else, and I pray that God will bless you all and guide you through this difficult period. I also pray that you can find it in your hearts to give what you can spare.

Your donation could end up sending a little girl to university because she had the language skills to get there. 


Click the link if you wish to make an electronic donation >>> DONATE




 Email received from Sally Coulson Ė Just a quick message to ask if Mikeís dad, my father-in-law, Bill Coulson could be remembered in prayers. Saturday night Bill collapsed at our house. Having revived him the wonderful 999 team sending paramedics almost immediately having previously been told we may have to wait an hour, he was in Good Hope Cardiac Ward within the hour. Bill will be having a pacemaker fitted this week so will not be meeting his Maker quite yet. He has even had a visitor his grand-daughter Ellen who is a nurse at Good Hope - very lucky man as most people will not see their family for visits.

 Karenís finger is healing very well after just 7 days and she is once again now able to do many things although the edge of the finger is still tender



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