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Chapter 171 [Day 347]: Sunday 28 February




Good morning all


The topic for today is ‘tears’ – that’s ‘tears’ that you cry and not ‘tears’ when something is ripped or torn.


Tears are an evidence of our inner emotions; of great sorrow and sadness but also can be from immense joy. The funeral last Monday of our dear brother Reg Gunnell would have been accompanied with many tears from relatives and friends who hold great sadness that Reg is no longer with us. The same would have also been true at the funeral yesterday of Captain Tom.


We have all shed tears, privately and publicly at the loss of a loved one but we have also held a tear in our eye at joyful times. When we turn and see the bride walking down the aisle and something wells up inside us when we see her beauty. Or when we receive exceptional good news of an unexpectedly good result of a medical investigation or an academic or career achievement. Often a lovely surprise at a birthday or Christmas can generate a tear or two.


Many of us were born and brought up in a world where openly crying was not the thing to do. ‘Stiff upper lip’ was the world we were born into and ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ was one of the slogans. We learnt, sometimes the hard way, to suppress outward displays of emotion; which didn’t mean that we were hard, heartless or uncaring; that’s just how we were taught. We were expected to keep our displays of inner emotions private and we can all remember those experiences where we have cried and wept alone and we could be forgiven for thinking all those tears were worthless and wasted.


When Jesus looked down from the Mount of Olives across the city of Jerusalem, the shortest verse in the Bible simply says ‘Jesus wept’. (John 11:35) Later in the Gospels at the trial of Jesus, we read that Peter denied his Lord three times and as the cock crowed, Peter ran out of the place and ‘wept bitterly’ (Matthew 26:75)


Our theme for today’s service ‘You’ve stored my tears’ is taken from Psalm 56 reminding us that Father God keeps and values all our sorrows and our joys because we are His precious children: so none of our tears are never forgotten! The service lasts 45 minutes and was originally recorded at the Chapel in January 2020 with the speaker Dr David Spooner. >>>



A reminder of the World Day of Prayer event on Friday 5 March at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Lichfield Road. Chris Brookes has service booklets for anyone who is planning to watch online. The link for the online broadcast is >>>




Enjoy your week and remember to stay safe


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