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Chapter 173 [Day 354]: Sunday 7 March




Good morning all


‘Am I happy’ is a question we frequently ask ourselves, both consciously and unconsciously. In any situation we find ourselves, we may not literally utter the words, but we will be thinking ‘is this OK?' or ‘am I satisfied with this situation?’. Under the current lockdown restrictions many business owners when commenting on the latest financial support from government will say ‘I’m not happy with the situation’. Similarly millions of people who have not been able to leave their homes for 12 months or to meet up with family and friends might also say ‘I’m not happy’. Sometimes as we conclude an important agreement, maybe a major purchase or drafting some legal document, you may be asked the question ‘are you happy with everything?’


On the east coast of Norfolk is a small community that is continually under attack. Whenever storms rage in the North Sea and the sea batters their coastline, they live in fear of another section of cliff being washed away leaving houses clinging precariously on the edge. Heavy rainfall can also cause landslides and some of the 1400 residents of Happisburgh are almost certainly not happy when bad weather is threatening. The most recent collapse occurred only 6 weeks ago in the heavy rains of January. Even when you look at Happisburgh Cliffs on Google Earth maps, in the street view mode, what is marked as ‘Beach Road’ appears to slip over the edge and onto the beach!


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Happiness is usually linked to contentment. When we are content with our situation, then we can feel happy but when we crave more or are dissatisfied then we are ‘unhappy.’ When young Timothy opened a letter from his friend and mentor, the Apostle Paul, I’m sure he did not expect it to end with investment advice - godliness with contentment is great gain (1 Timothy 6:6).


Our consumer culture encourages us WANT more and more, even when much of the time we don’t actually NEED more. I have a perfectly serviceable mobile phone so until it stops working, I don’t need the latest technology. I have a good and reliable car and though I may desire and want the latest model, I don’t actually need it. The Apostle Paul was able to write to the believers in the Greek city of Philippi - I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. (Philippians 4:12) and this verse forms part of the talk in today’s service with Chris Maggs which was originally recorded at the Chapel in July 2019. >>>



· Linda Lord has asked us to report that she enjoyed a very happy 80th birthday last week and she thanks everyone for all their cards, gifts and good wishes

· We have heard that Ciaran is enjoying his new life and job in Yorkshire although he recently suffered a recurrence of his skin condition which meant he had to take time off work for several days. Despite that he is still working on completing his theology Masters degree and subsequently working with Operation Mobilisation in Ireland

· We heard last night that a dear friend Anne, who has been receiving these emails over the past year, had contracted Covid several weeks ago and spent some time in Good Hope. However the infection has reached her kidneys for which she was on intravenous antibiotics and now she is back home she is taking the antibiotics orally. Please pray for complete recovery.



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