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Chapter 182 [Day 382]: Sunday 4 April






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Good morning everyone and a very happy Easter to you all.


The title today IT IS FINISHED could be the answer to so many questions. When the day eventually comes when the government can safely declare about the restriction and lockdown - IT IS FINISHED. When will we at the Chapel be able to say regarding the closure of our building– IT IS FINISHED and then for the many groups, activities and services to be able to resume?


Last Summer we had some building alterations at the Chapel to improve general accessibility and create a dedicated disabled toilet. The day came when the builder was able to say to us – IT IS FINISHED.


Maybe you’ve had builders or other tradespersons in your house and they too were eventually able to say - IT IS FINISHED. That’s always good news for the builder too because it means he can now raise the invoice and get paid.


Some of us have been doing creative projects or home decorating or bigger DIY projects during our enforced stay at home, and what a delight when we can say to ourselves - IT IS FINISHED.


Perhaps we’ve had to undertake a long course of treatment or medication for a serious health condition and what a relief when the surgeon or oncologist announces - IT IS FINISHED.


But sometimes IT IS FINISHED can be a sad and dramatic statement when a friendship or relationship breaks down.


In today’s talk by John, he reminds us of the triumphant message of Jesus from the Cross when he cried out IT IS FINISHED - meaning job done, completed, perfected, finished! But we know that Jesus Christ wasn’t finished because when the women went to the tomb, it was empty – Jesus had risen – and that is what we remember and celebrate every Easter Sunday.


The service lasts 47 minutes >>>


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· If you are reading this before 10:30am Sunday, there is still time for you to join John’s short Breaking of Bread meeting via Zoom. If you wish to join this meeting, have your bread and wine (or juice) ready in advance and use the following to logon to join John and others for this short time together -

           Meeting ID: 810 3462 9403

           Passcode: Risen


· In past years some of us have joined with other 200-300 other Christians for the annual Easter SonRise Service at Wheatmoor Farm. Sadly this year, as in 2020, Covid restrictions meant that couldn’t happen but the 3 crosses have still been erected alongside the footpath that runs from Tamworth Road to Withy Hill Road. If you wish to take a walk to the crosses, you may still do that following the usual footpath from the farmyard up to the crosses but please park considerately in the farmyard.



· We are also invited to join with members from the other local churches for another Prayer for the Lodge meeting via Zoom on Tuesday 14 April at 7:30pm.You can also join this meeting by phone 0203 481 5237 if you do not have Zoom computer access.

      Meeting ID: 865 2381 8239

      Passcode:  528541


      or click this hyperlink >>>




Until Wednesday, enjoy the rest of the Easter weekend


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