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DAY 39: †† Sunday 26 April





Good morning on this sixth Sunday of no Chapel services


Itís the sixth Sunday when we are unable to meet together at the Chapel so I have put together another Ďvirtualí service as last week. Over the past weeks, the Bible verse that seems to have been quoted most is

Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God. 

The Psalm begins with the words

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.


Todayís service includes 3 songs and a Bible reading by Gloria Gaynor with the sermon from our old (oops I meant Ďgoodí) friend Kenny Dubnick speaking at the Chapel back in 2017. Kenny did use a Powerpoint with his talk which is included as an attachment to this email but can also be viewed within the page. The audio service lasts 48 minutes >>>



I have been asked if there is an easier link to the list of Hymnalongís so Iíve now incorporated the list onto the list of daily emails so you can access all the songs currently in the Hymnalong playlist. Just click on the title you want to play. Iím hoping to add more songs on a regular basis and if there is one that you would like included, let me know and Iíll search the archives to see if we have it pre-recorded. The link to the general Hymnalong index page is >>>






Sally has been in touch and sent an extract from her daughter Ellenís Facebook page (you will remember Ellen is in charge of one of the Covid wards at Good Hope).

Sally reminds us we need to remember so many peopleís mental health being affected by this pandemic.

Please pray for what the medical staff are seeing and dealing with, we know itís not all nursing itís the caring side which is to be remembered as well.


Ellenís Facebook post was -

My clap isnít for carers or key workers tonight, itís for this chap sat across from me. Throughout it this whole lockdown, pandemic, quarantine whatever youíd like to address it as heís been there. Through tears and sadness and the happy parts heís been here. So tonight my clap is for all the partners helping us nurses through this horrible time mentally and quite frankly sometimes physically. Even if I moan about you 24/7, Iím grateful youíre at the door or slobbed on the sofa when I get home.

Cheers to the men and women helping us NHS workers through this (also letís thank the large glasses of Prosecco helping as well)



Karen overheard a neighbourís daughter on the phone yesterday and was shocked to hear that the father, Jay, had a heart attack 3 weeks after contracting COVID-19.

Just one week ago the hospital said they couldnít do anything more for him and his wife Judith and family were to prepare for the worst.

However, Jay has survived and is slowly improving and can now get out of bed and sit in a chair, so please pray for Jayís continued recovery and peace of mind for Judith and her adult children.





Karen received an urgent warning from a friend to make sure you leave your wardrobe doors open for about an hour each day to allow fresh air to circulate. It seems that people are finding after 5 weeks of lockdown that their clothes are shrinking!



Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, stay safe in the refuge and strength that comes from our mighty God