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DAY 41:    Tuesday 28 April




Good morning all



Up until 6 weeks ago I don’t remember hearing the term ‘social distancing’ which to me would be a paradox. How could you possibly be social and yet remain at a distance?

Anyway, we’ve all, well most of us, now got used to the term and the practice of keeping our distance from other humans.


The practice of ‘social distancing’ dates back millennia with the earliest Biblical examples found in Leviticus


Leviticus 13:45-46 Anyone with such a defiling skin disease must wear torn clothes, let their hair be unkempt, cover their mouth and cry out, “Unclean! Unclean!” For as long as they have the disease they remain ‘unclean’ so they must live alone.


‘Torn clothes’ and ‘unkempt hair’ sounds familiar, Karen regularly asks me if I’m planning to wear different clothes today and I’ve definitely got a ‘Boris hairstyle’.


Social distancing rules were introduced in centuries past for basic health reasons during times of earlier pandemics – plague, Black Death, etc. But social distancing has often been twisted throughout history to become segregation for other reasons – race, colour, ethnicity, religion, gender. Recent examples would include the Holocaust during the second world war, Apartheid in South Africa, and Black segregation in USA in the early 20th century. Segregation, oppression and persecution still exists across the world with war and conflict between different groups, often focussed on religious differences or prejudice.


In the New Testament we read of Jesus crossing the social divisions when he would speak with women, touch lepers, and heal many social outcasts. This was one of the reasons that the religious establishment of his time wanted to get rid of him because he was seen as undermining the authority of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

One of the good things that seems to have emerged in the current pandemic crisis is a real desire in people to help others and across communities in ways that would not have been imagined just a couple of months ago.


Yesterday afternoon I was pondering the phrase ‘social distancing’ and the song ‘From a Distance’ came to mind. The song was included in the daily email for Day 8 - Thursday 26 March. But then alternative lyrics began to develop in my head and I ended up writing a new song to the same tune. Last evening, I had several attempts to record my voice speaking over the backing track music (I wouldn’t have subjected to me singing!) but just could not get the levels right. So in the end decided to just send out the lyrics over the backing music and let you say/sing for yourselves. Maybe Marilyn & Lynne would be able to make a proper recording someday? >>>



Here’s a recent poem by Pam Ayres written with ‘ladies of a certain age’ in mind, and undoubtedly providing insight into the former lives of some of our lovely Chapel ladies!


I'm normally a social girl, I love to meet my mates,

but lately with the virus here we can't go out the gates.

You see, we are the 'oldies' now, we need to stay inside.

If they haven't seen us for a while, they'll think we've upped and died.


They'll never know the things we did before we got this old,

there wasn't any Facebook so not everything was told.

We may seem sweet old ladies who would never be uncouth

but we grew up in the 60s - if you only knew the truth!


There was sex and drugs and rock 'n roll, the pill and miniskirts.

We smoked, we drank, we partied and were quite outrageous flirts.

Then we settled down, got married, and turned into someone's mum,

somebody's wife, then nana, who on earth have we become?


We didn't mind the change of pace because our lives were full 

but to bury us before we're dead is like a red rag to a bull!

So here you find me stuck inside for 6 weeks, maybe more -

I finally found myself again, then I had to close the door!


It didn’t really bother me - I'd while away the hour.

I would bake for all the family, but I've got no flaming flour!

Now Netflix is just wonderful, I like a gutsy thriller,

I'm swooning over Idris or some random sexy killer.


At least I've got a stash of booze for when I'm being idle.

There's wine and whisky,  even gin, if I'm feeling suicidal!

So, let's all drink to lockdown, to recovery and health,

and hope this awful virus doesn't decimate our wealth.


We'll all get through the crisis and be back to join our mates -

Just hoping I'm not far too wide to fit through the flaming gates!





We reported a couple of weeks back that Sylvia Gilmour was in Good Hope with serious breathing difficulties. Latest update is that she is still in hospital receiving treatment. Please remember Sylvia in your prayers and of course John who is now stuck at home alone unable to visit her or to see any other family or friends.



Have a good day and watch your garden enjoying ‘drinking in’ the rain