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DAY 55:   Tuesday 12 May





Good morning everyone


Following yesterday’s email about Getting Older, Linda Lord sent this comment –

Today’s thought was so good about getting old.  It made me smile as last year I was on the bus to Sutton and some schoolboys were having an argument and swearing. I told the one boy to sit down and be quiet and he then swore at me. 

There was only me and one other adult on the bus and she was right at the front. She stood up and shouted down the bus “don’t you talk to that old woman like that”.  I was more shocked by what she said than the boy swearing at me. 

I know we are all getting on, but we feel young inside and only realise how old we are when we look in the mirror!



A word continually used through the coronavirus lockdown restrictions has been ‘When?’

When we will be able to go out again? When will I be able to return to work? When will I be allowed to hug my grandchildren?


But I think one of the most ridiculous comments I have heard was on TV news on Sunday afternoon when various people were asked in the street what they were expecting to hear from the Prime Minister’s address on Sunday evening. One chap’s response was –‘I want to know the day when all these restrictions will be lifted. I’m not interested in hearing strategies or plans. I want him to tell us now the exact date when they will put everything back to normal.’ (If I had been that gentleman and such words had come from my mouth, I would have quickly asked the reporter ‘this isn’t going to be shown on TV is it?’).


When used as a question, ‘when’ is fundamental to our mentality and thinking. It goes with Who, What and Why. It’s the way of acquiring information that helps to shape our thinking and our actions. Children grow and develop their knowledge by continually using these four questions and at times it does become quite tedious for parents, grandparents and teachers. There is something implanted in all of us from birth that desires to know more, and these four words are the fast keys to finding out more. The words don’t even need to be put into a complete sentence, the word on its own is usually sufficient to get a response. The words can also be uttered in derogatory or angry contexts.


We generally use the word ‘when’ to refer to an imprecise period of time in the past or in the future. We will say ‘I can remember when…….’ or ‘when I get old and grey I will………’  or ‘ when I get home I must remember to……..’  A well-known poem begins with the line When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple with a red hat which doesn't go and doesn't suit me’; and then there’s those lines in the Beatles’ song ‘Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm sixty-four’.


We will ask ‘when is the bus coming?’ and then when it hasn’t arrived at the expected time, we repeat ‘WHEN is the bus coming?’ You’ve been sitting in a Chapel service and whilst not actually uttering the words, you may have been thinking ‘when is he going to finish?’  And now in these days we are of course wondering about the future return to Chapel meetings and groups, but we still do not know when.


Jesus was teaching his disciples and followers that one day the Temple would be destroyed with not one stone left on another. Understandably, the disciples wanted to know and asked, ‘when will this happen?’


Luke 21:7 - “Teacher,” they asked, “when will these things happen? And what will be the sign that they are about to take place?”


Then there was his teaching about the terrible end times and Jesus listed some of the indications and signs of his imminent triumphant return but did not give the actual time ‘when’ but indicated that seeing such terrible and terrifying things happening in the world are the warnings that we should get ready


Matthew 24:44 - So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.


And to this present time, we are still awaiting Christ’s return and it is still the case that none of us know exactly when that will be. All we can be certain is that Father God knows precisely when the Lord will return.


There is much about the future that we don’t know, and God has wisely decided not to reveal to us because he knows we would not be able to deal with such knowledge. The Bible assures us that we are given what we need to know for the moment and other things will be revealed when it is appropriate and good for us.


There are hundreds of our hymns and worship songs that use the word ‘when’ such as When I survey the wondrous cross, but the Hymnalong song chosen for today doesn’t actually have the word ‘when’ but it speaks of our confidence in the God who knows and fully understands every Who, What, Why, and When  





Mike Smith successfully underwent his surgical procedure at Solihull yesterday and arrived back home last evening after a long and exhausting day.

Sheila was to have further scans at Good Hope yesterday before transferring to the QE, but we don’t yet have any further update




MAKE YOU SMILE: (thanks to Sue & Mike Kemble)


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