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DAY 81:† Sunday 7 June





Good morning everyone


Just over 4 years ago in early 2016 I received an email from a young lady asking if she and her colleague could come and speak at Falcon Lodge Chapel about a charity they had set up to help children from the slums of the city of Kampala, capital of Uganda. Someone (I think from St Johnís) had suggested Falcon Lodge Chapel might be interested in supporting their work as our church had a long history of supporting missions in Africa.


The young lady in question, Olivia Barker who then lived in Wylde Green Road and was attending St Johnís Walmley for a number of years. Olivia and her friend Corrie Fraser from Ireland had been to Uganda during their gap year as teenagers, volunteering with another charity, and were horrified at the conditions they found children and families living in the slums of Kampala. So back in the UK, they decided to do something about it, and Kids Club Kampala was the result.


Olivia and Corrie have been to Falcon Lodge Chapel each year since to bring us up to date with their work and usually also bringing loads of African craft and handiwork to purchase and support the charity. Several of you have also been to their annual fundraising event held in Birmingham. Both the Chapel and individuals have generously Kids Club Kampala over those years and even though the normal service has been substituted with a virtual service doesnít mean we still canít support them.


The photo below was taken on Oliviaís visit to Falcon Lodge Chapel around this time last year.

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2019 was the 10th Anniversary of Kids Club Kampala being registered as a UK Charity and a short communication from them is attached to this email if you want to read that.


The video service today has an African theme throughout and lasts just under 25 minutes and comprises several video clips which I have put together.


Unfortunately, the sound quality is not brilliant and volume does vary throughout so you may need to keep adjusting your volume control Ė but hopefully that wonít spoil the service for you.




To close todayís email, hereís a poem written a few days ago by Ken Garrett, a member of the Instep Menís group



The lockdown is easing and I wish I was fitter,

at least I can drive where I want and drop litter.

I can shop in the market or buy a new car,

but I canít get a haircut - itís all quite bizarre.


But perhaps we can be a bit too self-absorbed.

We havenít got locusts or famine or war:

we can still freely worship, although not in church,

weíve got our own Bibles the Scriptures to search.


So letís spare a thought for our sisters and brothers

in countries like India and so many others.

We can try and support them in prayer and in giving,

and maybe - moan less about the way we are living.



Enjoy this Sunday Ė letís determine to value what we have and then to share our blessings with others less fortunate