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DAY 84:  Wednesday 10 June





Good morning all


Events of the past couple of weeks have focussed the world’s attention on the treatment of black lives. Demonstrations have followed across the world and yesterday saw the funeral of George Floyd in his home state of Texas. Tributes from family, friends and others spoke of remembering this man. We are sometimes reminded to remember – soldiers, NHS workers, former friends and relatives.


Frequently my phone reminds me of what I was doing this time last year or 5, 10, 15 years ago. Past holidays, meeting up with family or visits to special places – all remembered by looking at old photos. It’s amazing that just looking at an image triggers our brains to recall the details surrounding that image. A simple beach scene can bring back memories of the journey there, of the caravan site we were staying on, of other people on the campsite, of the trip on the steam railway and of the wonderful pub meal we had on the last day. One simple image can bring back so many memories because I was there but to anyone else, the photo is just a nice picture of a sandy beach.

Last week I drove past the house that Elizabeth and I bought back in 1968. I was reminded driving past this ordinary semi of years of happy memories including the births of both my sons. Amazing how driving past an ordinary semi-detached house would trigger so many happy memories.


Red poppies have become a symbol to remind us to remember the thousands of servicemen who died in Flanders during WW1. This photo below was taken yesterday afternoon in the field next to Wishaw Church.



The same can also be true of things we hear. A song playing on the radio reminds us of our youth, of people and places, of events and special occasions = the hymns that were sung at our wedding, the song that was played for our first dance at the reception.


I have sometimes mentioned in a Sunday service how a particular song or hymn reminds me of a place or occasion or group of people I was with when I first heard that song. To anyone else, we are simply singing a song together, but for me it has triggered memories.


In the Old Testament we read many times when God gives his people symbols to help remind his people of his faithfulness and goodness. We’ve been seeing a lot of rainbows around over the past 3 months to remind us to remember our key workers, but God originally created the rainbow in the sky to remined us of His promise to Noah that He will not flood the earth again.


In the symbol of the Cross we are reminded that Jesus died to set us free – the ultimate sacrifice that worked 100% first time and never ever needs to be repeated. When we come together in a church service, we are reminded in the bread and wine to remember Jesus’ death and resurrection.


1 Peter 3:18 - Christ died once for our sins. An innocent person died for those who are guilty. Christ did this to bring you to God when his body was put to death and his spirit was made alive.


So, when I see a wooden cross, I remember that Christ died for me. It’s a simple symbol but with the most amazing repercussions that the world was changed forever by the action of one man – Jesus Christ.


I also know that my memory fails – I make promises and resolve to do something and then fail. I am but human, but the risen Jesus is divine and eternal. And yet amazingly when I doubt and fail, He is there to lift me, support me and hold me fast. I remember his amazing grace.


Anne Roberts sent this video link of people from 50 nations singing a favourite hymn >>>




You may have heard the news last evening that Vera was extremely unwell and had slipped into unconsciousness. Vera’s sons were called to the hospital yesterday morning. We have no further update yet but will keep you informed when we hear anything more.



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More tomorrow