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About us Leadership...

We are a church where everybody is somebody,

and Jesus is Lord !

About us -


The Chapel is an independent free evangelical Christian church and Registered Charity.

We do not currently have an appointed pastor or minister. The leadership of the church is shared between a team of members who give freely of their time, wisdom and expertise voluntarily. The structure of the leadership team is flexible so we can adapt  to changing needs within our church and community, and be responsive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The Leadership team currently comprises Elders who are responsible for the overall spiritual welfare and direction of the church. Deacons are appointed from the church membership with particular responsibility for practical maintenance of buildings, equipment and other assets, and for visitation. Elders and Deacons meet together regularly, normally on the first Monday of each month, and Elders meet additionally for prayer and discussion.

General administration and management of the Chapel facilities is undertaken by a volunteer Administrator who is, conveniently, also one of our Elders. Our finances are managed by a volunteer Treasurer, who is also a qualified accountant. 

Trustees ensure we meet our legal obligations, particularly in relation to our charitable status as a Charity (CIO) registered in England and Wales.


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Falcon Lodge Chapel

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Falcon Lodge Chapel

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