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About us Fun Church!..

We are a church where everybody is somebody,

and Jesus is Lord !

About us -

Falcon Lodge Chapel

Reddicap Heath Road

Sutton Coldfield

B75 7ES

A fun church!..

A visiting American Baptist pastor once shared with us that on the morning of one of his preaching visits at the Chapel, his young son had asked “are we going to the fun church today?” What an apt description when we seem to enjoy everything we do and there is a real sense of joy when our people get together.

Over the past decade, the various ministries of the Chapel have adapted toward the older generation, and when a group of over-60’s get together, there is often laughter.

We believe Jesus must have been good company to those he met especially children who are not attracted to stuffy and boring adults. We imagine he would have played games with the kids and laughed and joked with his disciples as they walked the steep paths and dusty lanes. Many of Jesus’ parables contained irony and sarcasm which the people of his day would have fully appreciated.

Whilst the all-important message of the Gospel is our primary purpose, we believe that message is best shared in warm and friendly groups. And following the Lord’s example, the serious message is often better remembered  and understood with a funny story.

So you can be assured that a visit to our church on a Sunday or any other day will leave you with a smile on your face, and hopefully a joy in your heart.


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