About us - The story so far

About us The story so far...

About us -




In 2004, we celebrated our Jubilee (50th Anniversary) with former members and friends travelling from all parts of the UK to spend the weekend with us. From this, the Lord began to reveal new visions and opportunities to serve Him in different ways. In real partnerships with other local churches we were able to run more activities and to undertake more ambitious outreach projects to take the love of Jesus in practical ways to the people of our community.


In 2008 we started a 3GF (3rd Generation Fellowship) providing day trips for active over-60’s, coffee mornings and Holiday at Home events at the Chapel. Through these and other outreaches, it seemed more people were finding a spiritual home and personal space at Falcon Lodge Chapel.


All Chapel activities were by now experiencing numerical and spiritual growth with Sunday congregations having doubled in numbers over 2 years. These were exciting times to be serving God as He brought new opportunities for witness, teaching and ministering to people in our church and the surrounding community. The Holy Spirit was evident in new and life-changing ways to the glory of God.


At the close of 2010, around 25% of our building was seriously damaged by flooding, but after many weeks of drying out and repair work, we had new and refurbished facilities better equipped for new opportunities in our mission to serve the Lord and minister to our community. So we praise God for His continuing faithfulness and abundant provision, even through trials and difficulties.


During 2012 further improvements to the facilities were completed including completion of re-fencing the rear car park boundary. This project saw the removal of lengths of brick wall which had become dangerous and was also being systematically being vandalised. The new boundary fence provides secure, safer and of much better appearance and has restored an former access gate onto the adjacent recreation field which greatly helped in running a big community event in the Summer of 2012.  During the same year we were also able to provide a dedicated room fitted and decorated specifically for the Parent  & Toddler group.


At the end of 2014, the 50 year old wooden window frames in our main worship area were upgraded to quality aluminium glazed units providing draught-proof environment and improved heat retention with noticeable reduction in heating costs. More recently in 2016 major work to the former youth hall at the rear of the building has significantly improved the comfort and usability for existing and new adult groups meeting at the Chapel. 


We continue to pray the renewing power of the Holy Spirit upon our church. We pray for fresh vision, spiritual gifts and growth to be manifest in our lives. We pray all this that many people will find Christ as their personal Saviour through our various ministries in Falcon Lodge.

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