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ĎA small church with a BIG heartí

is indicative of† the amazing generosity of our members over many years in supporting missions.

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From the earliest days in the life of our church, there has been a passion for mission. Initially, much of the focus was in support of Christian missionaries sent from England to serve God in predominantly Third World countries. The Chapel had particular associations with two lady missionaries, one in Congo (Zaire) and the other in India.

We also supported evangelistic missions operating across the UK such as the Open Air Mission, Scripture Union Beach Missions and Open Air Campaigners together with individual evangelists and missions.

By the 1990ís a greater proportion of our Missions giving was going to Christian aid agencies such as Tear Fund and by the early years of this century, the Chapel was also directly supporting missions, orphanages and hospitals in Zambia including Isubilo Mission, Nissi Orphanage, Chavuma Mission and various remote hospitals served by Mission Medic Air.† Our support today is with boxes of clothing from the Ladies Missionary Circle as well as financial gifts from the church. Some of the Zambia Missions, hospitals and projects have been visited by members of our church on mission trips.

Nearer to home, we have collected clothing, food and other useful items for distribution to needy families and individuals by Birmingham City Mission and Reachout Network caring for street people in the city centre. We also support local Christian community services including Second Thoughts Community Shop in Falcon Lodge.

The Gospel of Christ remains at the centre of our heart for mission. So we continue to support a number of Christian workers working in many different areas of service. Here are just a few of the Missions and individuals we have supported:


Chalabesa, Chingombe & Chavuma Hospitals, Zambia

Isubilo Resource Centre, Zambia

Nissi Orphanage, Zambia

Mission Medic Air, Zambia

Medical Missionary News

Tear Fund

Birmingham City Mission

Leprosy Mission

Kids UK

The Gideons International

Brass Tacks

Compassion UK

The Gap* Sutton Coldfield

Second Thoughts Community Shop

Reachout Network, Birmingham

Mission Romania

Kids Club Kampala

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