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We Believe - Prayer

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The Disciples had been brought up to pray in the tradition of their Jewish faith. Temple and Synagogue were places where people would assemble for prayer, led by the priest.

But they noticed something different about the way Rabbi Jesus prayed, so one day they asked Him to teach them to pray (in the way He did). Jesus taught them an example, which we know as the Lord’s Prayer.

Jesus had come to proclaim a new covenant from God (a new Testament) by which ordinary people could now have direct access to Almighty God. For the very first time, people could address God as ‘Our Father’ where previously they would not even dare to utter the name of ‘God’.

When Jesus died on the Cross, the Temple Veil (the symbol of God’s holiness and separation) was torn from top to bottom. This signified no more separation - because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, a new way was now open, and part of this act of salvation was to restore the right of Man to speak to God just has Adam and Eve would talk with God in Eden.

We are people who believe in the power of prayer — that’s not to boast how good we are nor that we are consistently faithful in our praying. We still have much to learn of the power of effective prayer.

But we can share testimonies of God intervening and blessing our church and in our personal lives when we have prayed.

Over many years, the Chapel has operated a prayer network through which requests for urgent prayer are quickly relayed to every member. It also alerts members to particular needs in our church family and so as well as praying, people will often be able to do more  - phone, call round, cook a meal or provide transport. And all this can be activated within hours, so no waiting until the following Sunday for the church to be alerted.

We have held 24-hour prayer weekends over two or three consecutive days and nights (we’ve not yet managed a complete 24/7).

There is a growing sense of needing to pray together more often, and links with the World Prayer Centre in Birmingham and other groups who are passionate about prayer are helping and inspiring some in our church to step out in prayer.

The Chapel hosts a monthly prayer and praise session supported by representatives from each of the local churches in Falcon Lodge.

We are also privileged to provide practical prayer support at St Giles Hospice in Lindridge Road linked to their Bereavement Support Group.  Hurting and grieving people can be supported with Christian prayer and offered guidance in how to talk to Father God for themselves.

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